Following your passion is contagious !

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LIFT Series

One of the major challenges with finding your passion and staying focused on that passion is balancing work, home and every other part of your life while striving for your goals.  Ian will share some of his major successes and mistakes in his attempt to find balance in his crazy world.

Opening up a business and going through some major changes, and some huge obstacles.  These obstacles helped Ian to find his passion and differentiate himself from the competition.   The obstacles also forced Ian to stay focus HIS goals and HIS way of running his business.  

My wife, Kara and I met at the age of 19 in a downtown bar in London Ontario, we built a life in London with a great core group of friends, a beautiful house and our first dog Surrey.  In 2009 we made the decision to move to a town called Kingsville, Ontario, that we knew next to nothing about to set up Ian Murray Insurance and Financial Services.  We moved our entire life, purchased a home in Kingsville, added a second dog named “Uncle Buck” and set down roots in Essex county.

Through the trials and tribulations of moving to a new area, managing a struggling business, managing my A type success driven personality, and attempting to balance home life, business, meeting new friends, going back to school and keeping in touch with lifelong friends we have had success and failure.  The combination of passion, positive mindset and hard work we work every day to find that ever moving balance.

Guest Speaker: Ian Murray 

Finding Your Passion 

Come on out and be inspired by Ian's passion, drive and ambition!

Co-Ed LIFT Series: Feb. 11 @ TBA