LIFT Series

This April 30th @ Oxley Estate Winery  KELLY MACLELLAN

Kelly Maclellan is an author, certified Life & Career Coach and owner of Embrace Your Life Coaching. She holds a Masters Degree in Counselling and specializes in strategic action planning. For over fifteen years, she has guided people toward their employment and life goals. 

In 2007, Kelly changed her life and faced her deepest fears. She followed her dreams of living in the sun and moved to the Caribbean! A twelve week volunteer placement turned into 2 years of adventure, writing and a new business! Kelly is back in Canada and continues to lead by example and follows her heart, approaching each day with intention and wonderment. 

​As a Career Coach, she creates a safe place for her clients to open their hearts, share their stories and dreams, closely listening and then gently guides them toward their vision. She shares her knowledge of how to create an authentic and fulfilling life lovingly with others. She offers individual coaching sessions and group events on how to embrace your divine gifts and create the life of your dreams.

Kelly is the author of Follow Your Heart: To Discover Your Life Purpose. I've personally read her book and participated in her workshops and they have been quite transformational! 

Check out her website and sign up for a workshop or for a life coaching session :) Embrace Your Life Coaching

Following your passion is contagious !

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Excited to meet you and hope to connect at the next LIFT and have Kelly inspire you!