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LIFT Series

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Since 2004, as co-owners of WindsorEats, we have been promoting locally owned, operated and independent restaurants, breweries, wineries, farms, culinary based businesses within Essex County. 

Over 11 years ago, community knowledge about local agricultural, culinary assets was limited.  Through WindsorEats we have proudly created a unique guide for the Windsor Essex region that has raised awareness of our culinary assets and developed new tourism markets (cycling tourism, culinary tourism).  It has put a positive focus on our region and helped create a sense of pride about our city. It promotes everything that is great about where we live. 

WindsorEats is a genuine reflection of who we are. Our goal has always been to develop a vibrant, creative community for the people that live here and those who visit. We have developed unique, authentic experiences and have been at the forefront in the continued development of tourism in our region. We are doing what we love and loving what we do.

We have a passion and positive approach to our business. Each of us truly believes in celebrating our successes, learning from our experiences and being thankful for both. We have learned to trust our instincts and rely on honesty, transparency and openness.

Selected as Ontario Culinary Tourism Leaders and Innovators of the Year by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. The Wine Trail Ride Cycling Tours were selected as the Best Culinary Tourism Experience in Ontario and The Drinks of Walkerville Walking Tours were selected as an Ontario Signature Tourism Experience.

Pina and Adriano are also the co-founders of the Windsor Craft Beer Festival, which heralded the start of a new industry in our region and celebrated the unique and wonderful history of Old Walkerville. We have a great deal of passion for this region, believe in this community and are committed to ensuring that Windsor, Essex and Pelee Island are celebrated as a key destination and great place to live.

We featured Pina & Adriano from Windsor Eats @ Walkerville Brewery March 5th .